Course of Study


COURSE: PED 154 - Volleyball

INSTRUCTOR: Bruce D. Olson

OFFICE: Room 657, Armory

PHONE: (540)863-2883


Course Description

The fundamentals of volleyball; proper skills; techniques, team play, and strategy; rules, equipment and safety. Laboratory 2 hours per week. (1 Cr.)

Student Performance and Evaluation

A. To acquire basic knowledge of the origin, development, and nature of the game.

B. To acquire sufficient skill for enjoyment in playing the game.

C. To acquire basic knowledge of volleyball rules.

D. To develop concepts of offense and defense in volleyball.

Course Requirements

A. Demonstrations to the group concerning volleyball fundamentals, rules, scoring, strategy, and courtesies.

B. Individual and group instruction.

C. Skills tests on volleyball fundamentals.

D. Practice games for improving skills.

E. Knowledge tests.

Personal Equipment

A. Clothing of the nature that the student does not have to be careful of falling.

B. Tennis or basketball shoes.

Course Text

Dunphy & Wilde, Volleyball Today, 2nd Edition, Thomson Wadgworth

Grading Policy

A. Mid-Term and Final Exams 20%

B. Participation, attendance 40%

Effort and cooperation

1. Proper clothing

2. Good effort

3. Use of correct techniques

4. Attendance (First absence 5% deduction, subsequent absences 10% each)

a. Arrive on time and dressed to participate

b. Depart at the specified time

5. Bring your book, clip board, pencil, etc. 

c.  Skills test 40%

d. Grading Scale:

Percent Grade

90-100% A

80- 89% B

70- 79% C

60- 69% D

0- 59% F

Course Outline

Week Topic

1 & 2 - Orientation: Course Objective; Playing the Game;

Equipment and dress, Skill Evaluation, Basic Strategy

Skill Development: The Ready Position; the Forearm Pass; the Overhead Pass and Set; and the Underhand and/or Overhead Serve

3 & 4 - Skill Development: The Overhand Serve; the Pass-Set-Spike

Pattern; Hitting Angles; Position for Receiving Serve; and Position for Serving  

5 - The Offenses (6-6, 4-2, 5-1), The Defense: Basic Defense Ready Position; Player Up and Player Back Defense; No Block Defense or Free Ball Defense Skill Development Continued              

Mid Term Examination

6 - Selecting a Game Plan; Switching for the Serving and Receiving

Teams; Skill    Development: Setting, Spiking, and the Dink

7 - Blocking Tactics, Beach Volleyball, Co-educational Play, Skill Development Practice and play

- 8, 9, & 10 - Match Play and Skill Testing




A4 B3 C2

1. Bumping to yourself consecutively (3' above head) 15 10 5-9

2. Forearm Pass against Wall Consecutively 15 10 5 over a 6' line from 6' from the wall

3. Bumping consecutively with partner (1 minute) 30 20 10

4. Setting consecutively over the net with partner 20 15 10 (1 minute)

5. Volley against wall - Total in 1 minute over a 10' line 40 30 20

6. Serve (consecutive) choice of serve 12 10 6

7. Overhead serve 9/10 7/10 4/10

8. Sandefur Serving Test 80pts 60pts 30pts.

9. Sandefur Basket Setting Test 12pts 9pts 6pts.

10. Spike 7/10 5/10

Grading - 40 Points Possible

A = 36-40

B = 26-35

C = 16-25

D = 15 and less